Meet the Owner of the Herbal CommitTea

Hello tea family! I am LeDeidre the owner of this small business, The Herbal CommitTea. I’m a Registered Nurse and herbal enthusiast. I’ve been a nurse for twenty years and have always had a passion for holistic nursing because of helpful herbal remedies passed down generations in my family. It was, however, my own health problems that led me to create our current blend, The Women’s Wellness Herbal tea.  


I knew that many other women suffer from hormonal imbalances, difficult periods, and digestion problems as well. So, the Women’s wellness organic herbal tea was created for me, and anyone like me that wanted to add natural options to their health and wellness routines. With the help of herbal clinicians, this premium organic blend was carefully formulated to help promote a healthy hormonal balance, support digestion, and more. 

My goal is to share the wellness benefits of herbal tea and more with you. I encourage you to always consult your healthcare provider if you have a health condition. I want to thank all the ladies, (and some men) that have tried and love our herbal blend. And to my family who helps run this business, I want to say thank you for your support! Please be safe and stay well during these times. 

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Each tea is formulated by medical health professionals, holistic and herbal medicine clinicians to ensure the maximum effectiveness of every blend.