Benefits of a Pyramid Tea Sachet

Do you want a sustainable, quality tea bag for your premium herbal teas? The Pyramid tea sachets we use are a great way to go. Let’s learn about the benefits.

We know some prefer preparing teat hat is already bagged, while others prefer loose leaf teas; we’ll not get into the discussion of loose-leaf versus bagged tea in this blog. However, many people like using tea bags to steep there teas and herbal teas for the convenience factor. Bagged teas are often found in a flat square or round tea bags. The crushed leaves and herbs found in tea bags infuse quicker than loose tea, making a good fast cup of tea for those on the go.

Sachets are another option. Some argue that sachets are the best of both worlds because the tea leaves and herbs can be larger, which is what some prefer. The pyramid shape allows for the herbs to move around easier as they infuse into the water. With the sachets you can see what you are drinking, your high-quality herbs floating around freely. This is unlike what you get with flat tea bags that are not transparent.

The pyramid tea sachets that we use at The Herbal Committea contain no plastic or microplastics. This sachet is made of plant-based material and is 100% biodegradable. The sachet will decompose naturally into the environment within a month or so making this the most sustainable material for a tea bag. No adding to the pollution problem!

Wish you had more herbal tea? Did you know each sachet can be used twice and still have full flavor and strength of the herbs! Steeping your sachet twice doubles the serving size giving you two cups per tea sachet per day. We just saved you some money, your welcome! Enjoy our organic herbal tea in our convenient tea sachets today, buy your tea now!

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